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Should Clients be Fussy About Clothes When They Book a London Escort

Okay, I realize that this may sound like a slightly odd question. However, some clients do have a list of requirements regarding dress when they book London escorts. This may range from a casual look such as jeans, vest top and flats to a party look. The party look usually involves a cocktail dress, stockings and an expensive pair of heels. Then there is the in-between look which is the office girls look. The office girl look consists of a light coloured or white blouse, dark coloured pencil skirt and black kitten heels.
The way we girls dress always has an effect on the way we feel about ourselves. The style in which an escort dresses can sometimes affect the course of an evening. Of course, London escorts who don elegantly stylish clothes are far sexier than ones who do not. Having said that some chaps would not feel com comfortable with a young lady turning up at their hotel wearing red heels and a dress. It's just a bit too obvious for some. Therefore, the client might request that she arrives in office attire wearing flats. Once inside his hotel room she can put on her heels and sexy attire. Many London escorts work in offices during the day so will be wearing office attire to begin with.
Most of us London girls love to dress up. When a client specifies what he would like an escort to wear, it often makes things simpler. Of course and escort may not always have exactly what you want in her wardrobe? However, she will often have something similar. Failing that, if you are really keen for her to wear a certain item of clothing you can always purchase it for her, prior to the booking. Just bear in mind that it's always better to buy clothes slightly which are slightly larger than smaller than a ladies actual size. If it is a size too small then she will not be able to wear it. It is slightly too big then at least she can fit it on. I'm only suggesting this because I'm a size 8 and whenever I go shopping they often have a size 6 and a size 10 available but not always 8.
Lingerie shopping can also a lot of fun too. In my opinion, when buying lingerie for London escorts, it's always best to keep to matching pieces. In my opinion matching lingerie with stockings is a massive turn on. Having said this, most London escorts are extremely professional and have cupboards full of their own elegant lingerie. Why not let the receptionist knows what your preferences are when you make the booking. Whether you choose to request what she wears or not, I'm sure you will still enjoy a wonderful evening with a London escort.
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