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Great International Films You've Never Seen Now on Satellite TV

While recently New Zealand has been all over the cinematic map, the vast majority of films thought of as "New Zealand" movies are really only shot there by major motion picture studios. Films like "Lord of the Rings, " and the latest film version of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" used the majestic and unique landscapes of the tiny country of New Zealand to portray far off, imaginary and magical lands. No other place on Earth, it was said, had the kind of untouched, ‘too incredible to be true' range of landscapes from grand mountain ranges to beaches that New Zealand had. Anyone who has visited the country will tell you that the photos and screen shots hardly do the real thing justice. The problem is that while back on the map in terms of sheer recognition and tourism, the New Zealand film industry hasn't gotten as much of a boost as it would have liked off the back of the film industry landing there. Independent movies like The Whale Rider about a young Maori girl receive much critical acclaim and wide attention, but still did not find New Zealand filmmakers a place on the world stage. The films in generally however, should not be overlooked. They are more often than not entertaining, original, clever and with a great sense of humor even when it isn't directly intended. For a perfect example of a great Kiwi film, try to catch the movie "Stickmen" on your satellite TV international film channels.
This 2001 movie, directed by Hamish Rothwell was shot mainly in New Zealand's capital city, Wellington. It follows the story of "The Stickmen, " actually three mates who enjoy "getting pissed" (which means drunk), playing pool, and making small wagers on their game down at the local pub. Stickmen Jack, Thomas, and Wayne are minding their own business when an opportunity to play for some real money is thrown upon them by bar owner ‘Dave.' Deep in debt, Dave enters the gentlemen in a high stakes pool tournament to try and earn some extra cash. Run by a notorious crime boss, the pool tournament certainly is high stakes, with more than just financial consequences awaiting anyone that messes with this crowd. Of course along the way the usual life dilemmas crop up like finding steady work, winning over the lovely ladies, and dealing with relationship issues.
While the story from the outside might seem just the average bundle of "can they rise to the occasion" nerves and optimism followed by the obvious ending, the foundation of the film is really what makes it shine. While not a high definition spectacular like "Lord of the Rings, " the movie relies heavily on another of New Zealand's natural assets, the spectacularly dry sense of humor. Centered on the chemistry and hilarity that happens only amongst a great group of friends, one feels right at home as one of the ‘crew' while waiting to see what will happen with the pool tournament. Instead of a blockbuster Hollywood plot leading the way, this film really shines during the little subtle moments that one sees as the most important in life, capturing them on film in a way that lets the film run as far as it likes with the gangster plot. After all, aren't lovable characters, a great storyline and a new perspective what watching international film on satellite TV is all about?
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