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Maori Haka Article

The Story Of Traditional Chinese Jade Culture

Chinese people respect the jade, jade expensive, heavy jade, jelly, jade, wear jade, jade, at least seven thousand years of winbowgems" china gemstonechina gemstone history not absolute. Jade non-food, non-Chinese services, non-medicine, non-weapon, still cherish the case? Why so heavy? Some said that jade is tenrai gifted with, is the semen Chongshan; have said that the town of evil Jade can help avoid the ghosts fierce; have said Yu Jie Wen Runguang can cultivate their virtue and moral integrity; have said Yuguang Firm But Gentle, good-luck-hui, the melodious Sound of Jade, five German, 9 Germany, 11 German, the secret can the poor non-verbal. Oh, really I do not know there is such a magical jade was discovered that the use? Or the jade that were attached and the other spiritual magic? Of course, the jade itself unusual things. Its quality, its color, its pattern, its Chak, coupled with ingenuity treatment device according to materials, natural self into the picture can be described as sincere, silent with musical rhyme, palm grasp the days can be issued Ling-hui, has not made things exciting heart kindness Burton Magic Health. The world does not jump to re-jade, jade has strange, jade is worth cherishing.
But if not 7000 years ago, jade decoration jade Hemudu, 5000 years ago, the Jade Dragon Jade Hongshan Culture beast, Liangzhu Culture Jade Cong Jade wall unearthed jade ax inch of jade has become the world can not be that big. "Shan Hai Jing" records made in China, jade has 200 multiple, the chinajewelrysupplier" jewelry supplierjewelry supplier Yin Ruins in Anyang jade excavated from a tomb in as many as 755, Lin Hsiang-ju Zeng Yi Hu Shibi life guard, are killing thousands of soldiers and horses topete for the contention that only the transmission States Yuxi, the Han emperor was buried with jade clothing, Jiuqiao plug, Yu Han, Yu purports to hold the bones do not decay, the Chinese have a supernatural ability to jade and jade into the spirit of things with mystical powers.
The world, not just Chinese people love jade, ancient Europeans, Americans are superstitious jade that Pei-yu can be evil, but also cure kidney disease. But the Japanese love of jade with jade, New Zealand Maori, Indians, Arabs, the Siberian people, none of the Chinese people as the flourishing of such a broad construction of the jade culture, Chinese jade in the political, economic and religious , liturgical, moral, artistic, etc. activities, has become indispensable.
Why is China so important to use Jade with Chinese Why create graphic text box is quite similar, so that foreigners did not understand, but also those who thought the Chinese out of a problem. Deconstructing old and new scholars Hetu, Book gossip, can not say how much appear in front of Jade reason. The jade charm of a long-lasting, it is this?
Today, Chinese still heavy jade jade jade jade love For more than strike, whether as a result of good jade fish in the water Lengnuanzizhi, quite forgetting the point of entry may Jade Zen? Appears to contain a Chinese jade in the concept of Mind, temperament and imagination, there are numerous ancient oriental jade shows unique cultural symbols and words. To today's Chinese people do not like jade, is difficult at times.
Tangible and intangible, noble and secular, wealth and aesthetics, reason and superstition, the natural world and life of people in the jade on fire and winbowgems" china gemstonechina gemstone wholesaler water blend, the jade on the seamless, blooming in the jade on the spirit of wisdom in the jade on the amplification, the jade on Seven years of growth rings on display grind! Jade tree tree grows in the Chinese culture, the old branch solemn, new branches sprouting green, even after entering the post-modern or postmodern, cloned sheep, cloning human cloning various class, culture, nature has created each piece of jade, they are all unique one-time non-repetitive, difficult to clone. Yu, the man makes the content a bit more weight, more than a little mysterious, a little more code, a little more stability.
Jade wonderful miraculous, unsolvable, unknown, can not be said to make this world put in more flavor, a little more color, more than a little magic, a little more warning. Jade became the culture, but also their achievements.
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