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Traditional Maori Tattoo Patterns

Traditional Maori tattoo patterns reflect the natural world. The fascination of the ancient artists with the rhythm and cycles of nature have always been used as interpretation into Maori tattoo ideas. Today, they are some of the most distinctive tattoo designs with a wide range of Maori tattoo meanings in the many symbols.
The beautiful curves and spiral patterns, along with the intricate detailing makes the Maori designs tattoos by far the most facinating. Considered sacred with the New Zealand tribes, the Polynesian maori tattoos were most likely the first to display this art. Maori tattoo patterns were originally placed on the face and was literally carved into the skin with a chisel. Men also had the buttocks and the legs covered with the intricate designs. Women, on the other hand, would tattoo Maori designs on their lips and chin. Sometimes they would also tattoo the neck or back.
Maori moko tattoos were named for the word that meant to strike or tap, the process that was used to give traditional Maori tribe tattoos. A very important aspect of the tattooing process was the fact that they were applied by using bone chisels. The practice usually started during adolescence and was then continued during significant events throughout life. Much of the symbolism associated with the Maori tattoo patterns involves not only strength and courage, but also social status.
Today, there are many Maori tribe tattoos that are available but they are usually given on the body and not on the face. Although they are normally produced with the regular, modern equipment used to give other types of tattoos, some Maori tribe tattoos are still given with chisels.
While imitation is normally considered to be the most sincere type of flattery, in the instance of people who have no Maori ties getting Maori Moko tattoos, imitation is considered by many to be insulting. Many of the Maori people consider the Maori designs to be sacred and they become offended when displayed by others. As an alternative, you can find a tattoo artist that is a specialist in designing Maori designs tattoos that have the same affect but don't have the symbolic meaning that the original Maori tribe tattoos hold.
Maori tribe tattoos are just one of many types of tribal tattoos that have gained new interest today. For those who are looking for something with an attractive design which features many curves and spiral features, the Maori tattoo patterns are beyondpare. If you aren't looking for Maori designs and meanings that are pertinent to you, there are many Maori tattoo ideas available that will make an attractive tattoo without being offensive. You don't have to be a Maori descendent to enjoy one of the Maori tattoo patterns that has a modern design and, thankfully, exposing yourself to the painful process that was originally used to give them is no longer the only alternative!
If you choose to get a skilled tattoo artist to create Maori tattoo patterns for you, you can use the English to Maori translation to create a tattoo that has significant meaning just for you. Although having custom made tattoo Maori designs is much more expensive than using one that exists on the internet or in the tattoo store, it is a way of creating Maori design tattoos that have significant meaning and importance that is unique to you.
Tribal tattoos are still used to show affiliations of some individuals but Maori tribe tattoos are also some of the most beautiful designs that can be chosen for its design alone.
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