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The Ring Movie Review By Alex Demattia

This has to be one of the most terrifying films I've seen, and that includes the original Japanese version of "The Ring". Somehow I think this American remake is so much better than the original, simply because there's less explanation as to how the evil is doing what it does. The less you know about something, the more scary it is, and it's with that notion that director Gore Verbinski has grafted a uniquely underplayed, yet frightening horror film that will at times leave you fighting to keep looking at the screen because you'll be too scared to look.
This film is not a blood-and-guts horror film. It's got more inmon with a suspense thriller. And even when the big scenes arrive, they're mostly suggested. It's because of this that "The Ring" is far scarier than any conventional horror film. On top of that, the film follows a more murder-mystery style plot with the lead character of Rachel, played with effective drive and determination by Naomi Watts, on the trail to find out exactly what's going on. For the bulk of the film, you don't even know HOW people are dying by watching this tape. In this way, the film has the intrigue of a mystery: what's happening and why? You want to know what's going on. But when you do find out, it's so unexpected and scary that you want to slink back in your seat and look away. There's one moment where I literally jumped back in my seat and it's without doubt the most effective scene in the film (and many other horror films for that matter). And it was done quietly, without much noise and without much happening on screen. Some times simplicity is better than seeing a million CGI shots.
One could say that the premise is ridiculous; a possessed video tape. But the filmmakers choose wisely not to over-indulge on the concept, rather just to use it to get the ball rolling. The film is ladened with such a scary atmosphere that it really doesn't matter that this part of it is ridiculous.
In some ways, you never really get a full explanation of how the video came to be or why Samara (the evil girl) is evil the way she is. But then that's why this version of "The Ring" is so terrifying. There are some chilling flashback scenes where psychologists are interviewing Samara and she is so cold and evil that it's terrifying to watch. And what's better is that when you think it's all over and resolved, it's not. And in an un-Hollywood way, the film chooses to part with convention and turn the otherwise happy ending completely on its head without seemingly like a cheesy twist.
Very well made, atmospheric horror film without the blood or guts of most in the genre.
For the complete, original DVD review, click this link: allaboutmovies dvdreviewthering allaboutmovies dvdreviewthering
Alex DeMattia is the lead DVD reviewer at the film/DVD review web site All About Movies. He also contributes reviews and articles for the Digicosm Film Blog: filmannex Digicosmfilmannex Digicosm
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