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Three Day Snow In

Three Day Snow In

By stoneypoint - Dec 14, 2008 - From longstories. Longer erotic stories - Views - 12943 Three days and she was still snowed in. Now she was frustrated, seriously frustrated, and she didn’t know what to do. Alone, without transportation, Juliana had no way of getting to work. Even with 35 inches of rain, then snow having dropped, she still needed to work, needed a paycheck, and she never liked being alone this long.
Waking up, it was dark. She hoped some streets had been plowed, at least once. But no, not even once, and she needed groceries, people, interaction she told herself. She needed to get out, at least for 20 minutes, at least for a short while.
It was Thursday. Thursday’s were always the day she went to the market, got her weekly food, got what she wanted for lunches, for dinners, and checking out for fun all the men. Yes, the men, the bachelors, and potential imaginary boyfriends. If not for a change of pace, a change of scenery, and simply to get away with the drudgery of being cooped up in her apartment filled with almost all senior citizens getting out and knowing possibly she was a viably attractive woman at 24.
Damn, it was still coming down. Still coming down and no end in site and the weather said another 10 inches in the forecast. What to do, tired of chatting, and god… geez what can she do now? She dressed, dressed for the weather, dressed for the cold, dressed for the gale force winds which blew the snow sideways and created drifts in some places almost to her waist. Bundled up and at the front door she couldn’t even get it opened up. She pushed and she shoved, but couldn’t even get it open three inches.
“Need some help, huh?” she heard. She didn’t look sexy. She wanted to at least look pretty, but she didn’t. Wearing a heavy fleece hat, a scarf, and bundled up in layers she was ready to brave it all. She wasn’t expecting him. Wow, he’s good looking. Okay, he’s older, but still he’s not bad looking at all. Wow, what a smile and nice… really nice eyes. I look… I must look like a dog. I have to she thought. “Nasty, isn’t it? Haven’t seen something like this since… since ’86 or ’87 I think. I was a hell of a lot younger then you in ’78. That was the big one. I was only… well let me just say umm I was young.” He laughed, she smiled, and she stared at his eyes and his face. “Uhh you alright?” he asked.
He had to know. He looked at me with those eyes. He had to know. Maybe he was hoping she felt that way. Maybe… maybe she was hoping he wouldn’t come on to her. She didn’t know, but he was cute. He was good looking. He… he looked fit enough. But she wasn’t. She was pudgy. She had “fat” thighs she wasn’t crazy about. They were too “thick.” They were too much, plus she carried a roll, a swirling roll around her midriff, around her tummy. She did not like that much at all. But hell… what was she gonna do about it now? And… and then there were her tits… Yeah her tits were… well they were huge. She didn’t advertise them, never had to. At least not like lots of well endowed girls she knew. They advertised theirs. Hers did it all on their own.
“Let’s push together” he said. “1…2…3” he grunted as they pushed together. Two more inches… Damn it was freezing. “Why are we going out?” he asked. He laughed. “I think I’m going back upstairs. Maybe it will be cleared later on” he told her and he told her to take care. He smiled. He smiled right into her bored eyes.
Oh hell, she had enough of it. 3 days, cooped up, and needing to get out… Needing to get fresh air and sunlight is all she needed. Cold, cold freezing air hit her as she tried shoving it open, but the snow didn’t bother her at all. He looked, he helped some more, and finally they were outside. They were out in the freezing cold blast of blowing, falling snow. She opened up her arms to greet that day’s nature. Despite that there was a wind chill well below 5 degrees, she didn’t care at all. She stretched open her arms, took a deep breath of it, and she laughed welcoming reality as it was. He didn’t understand her. Not at first he didn’t, but she said “What else is there?” There were lots of things and one of them was her original plan to go with her friends to that club that night. “Not tonight” she said out of the blue.
“Huh?” he said.
“Oh, I uhh was planning on uhh clubbing tonight. Guess not, huh?” she told him. She had already spoken to two of her friends. One somehow made it home from work, but cooped up the last two days like her, she turned and smiled. She explained herself. It was a quirky forced smile, but their eyes met. And when they met, they read one another’s faces. They were speechless for several seconds.
What was going on here? He was closing in on 40, she had just turned 25, and it was an unlikely meeting of two totally different individuals or so she thought. But something clicked somewhere. Something about the guy on a day or event like they were immersed in worked. At least it was for her. Nah, were just trying to enjoy it if there’s anything to enjoy here she thought. She dropped to the snow, she made a quick snow angel, she smiled, and she laughed. He laughed and agreed and made his own. Standing up, she walked to her car, started to clean it off, but gave up quickly. She couldn’t even open her car door up. It was frozen shut. She cursed, walked to the street, and looked both ways.
“I guess there’s a carry out down there. Think they have anything left?” she said.
He said he didn’t know. Both were covered with at least two inches of snow. Both had enough of the fresh air. She thought about taking a hot shower. She didn’t tell him. She told him thanks for helping her. He told her any time. They didn’t see one another for another hour.
Downstairs, she was doing a couple loads of laundry. Intimates and underwear were one and some darks in the other. As she finished up the intimates, someone came down. She tried to hide some of it, but when she saw it was him, she kind of didn’t care if he saw it. She smiled, said hi to him, again, and she “let” him see some of it. She saw that he looked, and she smiled. She was pleased.
Suddenly, out of no where, something… something odd snapped inside. A weird rush set off inside her. Oh my god she thought. No way, she told herself. Oh my god… I’m like… oh god I feel like he’s turning me on. No way and no how but he was and she felt it, easily. He started a load and made small talk. He asked if she had taken a bath or shower.
She looked different somehow. She said yes she had. She smiled and told him that today was a day of warm snuggly clothes and hot chocolate. And friendly neighbors too he wanted to say back to her. He smiled, keeping the thoughts to himself.
He looked at her, when she was turned away, and suddenly she bent over. He caught himself looking at her. Bad boy… bad, bad boy he thought, but he didn’t stop appreciating her figure. No don’t say anything. Don’t make any sort of flirtatious remark he told himself. Uh uhh, no way Dirk.
She went back and he watched her leave the washroom. He enjoyed watching her while she walked out. That song started playing in his head. “Wouldn’t it be nice if...” and he smiled. He felt like humming it, but his voice sucked. “Wouldn’t it be nice…?”
Upstairs she made some more hot chocolate and brought down two large mugs. Offering it, she sat down, and initiated conversation. She asked him his name and it felt natural to talk openly with him. He wasn’t reserved, she didn’t allow herself to be, and she told herself to “go with the flow.”
“Ummm I don’t want this to sound ummm well let me just say it. That top is cute and I’m sure you’re going to say ‘this old thing?’ or something like that, but it does look cute on you if I may say so. Okay I know… that was flirting wasn’t it?” She smiled, blushed, but acknowledged that it was an old rag of sorts and she thanked him. She complimented him back. He did not blush. He put on a casual designer t-shirt on purpose.
Dirk was a good looking guy, but definitely not ripped or anything. He carried a little paunch but he had a nice head of hair, business cut. He had smooth features which made him look a little younger. He wasn’t real tall, but he wasn’t short either. And the idea that he kept looking at her occasionally didn’t hurt his chances either. He finally discovered she was trying to unnoticeably look at his body too.
Upstairs and folding her laundry, she set down the mugs, and thought about him. She thought about the rest of her day. She looked outside. She was bored again. She wished he’d stop by or at least call, but then again he didn’t even know her last name. How could he call?
There was that feeling, again. Oh wow, there it was again. Oh wow, damn, and she went online. She found Joyce and Amber. Voice activated, she said hi, asked each what they were doing, and got almost the same exact answer. “Umm well you know” and that was all. She knew and said good bye.
She turned off all the lights. It didn’t matter. It was white everywhere so it was still bright out. It was peaceful except for the wind, but somehow it felt right.
Dry rubbing was first. Rubbing her crotch, rubbing it harder, and wishing and wanting it is what she yearned for. Since there was no gong to work, no going clubbing that night what else was there to do. And he was upstairs, somewhere, and he was cute too.
That adorable smile, those cute eyes, and that teddy bear like tummy of his… “Mmmmm ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh” she muttered as she dry rubbed it some more. “Mmmmm Dirk, ohhh Dirk… that feels nice. Keep rubbing it like that, ohhh yes, yes” she said closing her eyes. She slid down, fell back and spread them apart rubbing, caressing it methodically and passionately as if they were together, romantically. She could feel his warmth. She could feel his manly intimacy practically and wished that he was there with her. There wasn’t anyone else. No, never had been. Not for at least 16 months there hadn’t been so why not this guy? So what if he was a lot older? So what if he was closing in on… well no he wasn’t even close to closing in on retirement. Could he, was he, and would he even consider coming down? Would he even think about such stuff?
“Ohhh rub me Dirk, touch me some more-”
She jerked to her right. She jerked her hand away and sat up, immediately. “Hello?” she called out. There was another knock at her door. Whoever it was must not have heard her. “Who is it?” she said louder.
“Me, it’s Dirk” the man’s voice.
Everything inside her had spiked. She instantly felt hot, flushed, and feverish. Oh god, oh my god she thought. Wow, shit… Dirk at my door? “Uhh ummm just a moment” she told him. On her couch lay her big fat and long vibrator. Flustered, she forgot about it totally. She jumped up, ran to the mirror making him wait, and looked at herself in the mirror. Hairs fine, not much make up, could use some mouthwash right now, and a change of clothes. Yeah, a change of clothes would be a good thing, but she was keeping him waiting. She didn’t have time.
“Umm if you’re umm busy umm I can come back or well if this is a bad time umm uhh never mind” he told her.
“No uhh no, no” she replied as she gave up on her appearance, her breath, and makeup.
In that same “ugly” sweater and pajama bottoms the well endowed, slightly chubby apartment neighbor walked hastily to her door and quickly invited him in. Carrying a thermos filled up with a hot Brandy concoction, she invited him in. She looked at his thermos and he told her if she was interested, he was trying to make an otherwise boring, crummy Friday better.
“Ohhh” she said wearing that quirky cute smile. “Uhh will I get drunk and will something occur that I might uhh regret?” she said.
He laughed hoping it might, but told her no. He told her that wasn’t his intention. His intention was to get to know her, have a nice and meaningful conversation, and on a day like they were having just make the best of it.
That was when he noticed it. He saw it lying there, in the open. It said a lot, instantly. Playing are we he asked himself. No, he didn’t say it aloud, but wanted to ask her. She saw it, she felt embarrassed, and her eyes darted to his to see if he had seen it.
Shit, he saw it. Now he knows… oh god, fuck he knows. He knows what I may have been doing. He looked down at it again, looked up, and all he did was smile. He wanted to wink.
“Well it looks like at least you were being entertained. I can leave if you were busy” he said frivolously. He liked the idea she was “busy” with something. He liked it a lot. Wow, what a turn on he thought. What a fucking, huge turn on he told himself. He looked at it again. That time he was not smiling. He was hornier and it was affecting him. It was affecting him. God damn it all he thought… god damn it I’d love to well I’d love to just… just toy around, umm discover what she’s into or whatever.
“Umm well I guess every girl’s got one” she said as she grabbed it up quickly and tried finding a place to stow it away out of sight. He told her it was cool. He told her guy’s have their vices. He told her that they weren’t as elaborate or fun. He smiled. She laughed. “Yeah, I suppose we do have that advantage.” He asked her, boldly, if it was any good. “It can be.”
Fuck, wow he thought. She saw his face tense up. She wasn’t sure what was bothering him, but she knew something was terribly wrong. She never thought he could be horny at all. “Umm maybe I should umm go” he said. He had closed his eyes. She did not want him to go. He was the source of her pleasure. She wanted that to continue. She wanted him to stay, regardless. She hoped for something… something pleasurable, regardless what it might be.
“No, no umm stay. I really would love it if you did. I umm was actually trying to enjoy the snow storm and having someone to enjoy it with is even better, okay? Plus I’d love to taste that.” She pointed to what looked like his crotch. It concealed his erection and that’s what he instinctively thought she was referring to. “You know that… what’s in the thermos.”
“Ohhhhhhh… ohhhhhhh” he came back. Good save. He lifted it up, she gathered two glasses, and they plopped down in front of her big sliding glass door to watch the snow come down. It was still coming down heavily. “So, is it good?”
She loved it, but still felt crappy in that sweater and felt like changing into anything that made her look prettier. They each had another glass of the warm concoction and both were feeling a nice buzz at that point.
“Did I tell you that you look handsome in that?” she asked referring to his shirt and thermal sweats he was wearing. The alcohol was taking affect on her. It was on him too. She reached over, felt his arm to feel the material, and he looked at her hand.
“Thanks and I really love your sweater.”
They downed another cup. That was their third cup of the sweet and delicious drink. Still warm it was at the end. Both wanted more. “I’ll be right back.” He stood up but fell back into the couch. “Let me try that… again” he said. Both laughed, she helped him up, but they both fell against the couch. They fell into it, but fell into one another.
Eyes met, bodies touched, and all of a sudden lips twirled as crazily around each other as each others hands did. It was a no holds barred situation. Before he knew it, she slammed him backwards to the side of the couch. She was on top soliciting herself for some kind of dramatic adventure. Her lips were aggressively approaching every inch of his. Before he knew it hers were sliding downward and applying some form of erotic touch against his neck. He was rising upwards, rising off her couch, and trying to indicate he was hornier then hell.
He reached or tried reaching for her hand. She didn’t realize he was looking for it. She tugged at him, fanatically ran her hands through his hair wanting more and more. Her mind raced, his body sped. Both, on missions to com complete their desirous goals were not able to get there soon enough. She ached. He was burning. She swelled just like him. Still, he searched for her hand.
Boom, they fell, her on top of him, and both stopped suddenly looking at each other. Eyes wide open and in fits of passion wondering what the other craved. It was easy. Lips met again, but this time he found her hand and he shuffled it around. He shuffled it over and down between their bodies.
A torrential rush of heat traversed between the two. He pushed against her, hard, harder then she imagined, and she felt her hand on his hardened dick as well as him pushing intensely against her.
Oh god, yes that’s it…that’s it she thought hysterically, fuck me… fuck me. Rub it harder into me. Rub it harder into me like that she kept telling herself. Besides anxious erotic breathing there was no sound, there were no words, and there was no other pleas between one another. It flowed and it surged. The desire gushed recklessly and they careened up, down, and up and down.
Dry fucking was incredible. Flesh on flesh did not seem to matter. Thoughts ran through each one’s heads, but what was to become of them? Would their clothes eventually come off? Would she somehow remove it exposing exploding nipples underneath? With no bra on she felt free, she felt as if this was meant to be, and she no longer cared that he was so much older then her. He was showing he desired her. He reached for her hand and placed it where he thought she wanted it. Or maybe it was where both desired it to be at.
That was it. Push them down. That’s it, push them all the way down. That’s it, force them, inch them, but either way… oh god yes… feel it, feel it against me like that. Oh god yes, yes… oh wow, yes she told herself. What a cock, wow it is… oh wow it’s massive. It is… it is huge! Oh fuck yeah, yeah Dirk god do you know how… how… how sexy this is she asked herself.
Damn this feels good. Wow she took them off. I should… should I take mine off too? Should I, does she want me too? Wow… wow… oh damn she feels, this feels… oh god this feels incredible. Oh my god! I could… I could… I could practically cum now. No don’t… don’t let yourself cum. She’d hate that and you would regret it too. Fuck she feels great. Soft and fluffy and she’s letting me sub against her like this too.
“Wow do you know how hot you are?” he said. “This is a rush. You’re so hot.”
I am, I’m hot he said? Wow I’m like hot. I’m sexy he says… god I wanna… I wanna have… oh god I can’t believe what I’m thinking. I want… oh shit she told herself.

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