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The Maori People Article

Try an Unique Look With a Maori Tattoo

Maori tattoo is so unique because it has a story of its own. Starting among the Maori people, tatuaggi maori has become a great way to express yourself through the art of tattooing, because maori tattoo are not just some tattoos, they are a form of art, and every symbol has its own meaning, his own identity, therefore not everybody chooses this kind of a tattoo.
Maori tattoo are originated in New Zealand. For the Maori people, tatuaggi maori was meant to be more then decorative, the traditional maori tattoo showed strength, courage, and status. Both men and women were tattooed, and the process itself was actually a ritual, with music, chant and fasting. What is rather strange about tatuaggi maori is that it implies an incision with a chisel, which means that it was very painful.
Today, even though theory are not made in the same way, and they don't stand for the same things anymore, maori tattoo are in vogue, and the bold statement of tatuaggi maori designs are growing in popularity. The celebrities have tried maori tattoo, and people from all around the world have a similar tattoo, in their quest to express their own identity and desires.
What makes tatuaggi maori distinctive and beautiful, are the curved shapes and spirals in intricate patterns. Distinctive for maori tattoo designs is the fact that they are based on the spiral and that they are curvilinear. The most prevalent place for a maori tattoo used to be the face, probably because of the cool New Zealand climate.
The Maori people have stated their traditions on their skin, and the maori tattoo on them say a lot of things about who they are and their personalities. In fact this is what people try these day to state with their own tattoos. This is the reason for which a tatuaggi maori on your body can bring you closer with your inner self, and could reflect exactly your personality.
Choosing a tattoo is a difficult task. But, if you want your tattoo to stand for something try a tatuaggi maori and become part of all that the Maori culture has to offer through its maori tattoo .

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