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The Ties That Bind

The Ties That Bind

By Geoffroy de Troit - Oct 11, 2009 - From longstories. Longer erotic stories - Views - 10078 From the Erdan Terran Colony Penal Center, Psychiatric Facility 1, dated 10/09/3009. Excerpt of reports released by staff as per request #202-5A. Item considered to be indirect narration only, and translated accordingly: Len-6 always liked his family to be close together. He had a wife, ex-wife, mistress, and two step-daughters all living with him in his dwelling unit. He kept tight control over their actions and activities, and they always did exactly what he wanted them to do. If any of them ever wanted to get away they could not. Len-6 had them all safely and securely locked in their rooms, and whenever he would visit them he’d always bind them well to a post or wall hook. Len-6 felt that he really knew how to handle humanoid females. He had, in the past, felt that he had really put up with a lot of nonsense from females he’d met at the taverns or other meeting places. He would spend his credits on them, and buy them drinks, and they’d turn him down. He would finally get one home and she’d refuse to stay. Or maybe she would just give him promises, which were good enough. But she would refuse to sleep over, then and there. Len-6 was REALLY getting tired of all of the lies from those females! His one wife decided to leave him, and his second wife decided to stop sleeping with him. She was going to leave with her two little females, and that was when he decided to improve his image and reinvent himself. First he got all the females together and he told them how things were going to be. They were all going to stay there with him, each in their own room, and they were all going to be exactly the way that he wanted them to be. They said no, complained about him, and tried to leave. But Len-6 had the doors all locked, and he had the only key. The unit was isolated and in a com completely secure location. He would feed them, and they would serve and service him. They each got locked up in a separate room, with the windows and walls blocked and escape proof. Len-6 waited til the next day, and then he began the new phase of his life. He went into the room of his ex-wife, and she began yelling at him like she’d always done before. But this time he smashed her right in the face, and then kicked the female good and hard in the head when she fell down. That really shut her up, and he began to tell her all about the new rules and regulations that she was going to follow. He was really going to pay her back for all the lies he’d had to take from the female. Payback with interest! “You stupid bitch you!” he screamed at her. “I am totally fed up with your attitude!” And he kicked the female in the head again. This shut her up good for a long while. And Len-6 could sense his new found power. He was really tired of all the hostile and negative looks he’d gotten from females in the past. It was his turn to get even with all of them. Now he could actually see fear in this one’s eyes. Fear of him! “It is time to punish you for your stupid bitch ways!” he told her. She began to cry, and she begged him, “No Len! Please don’t! Please!” “Shut up you!” he screamed back at her. And he kicked her again. This time the female knew her place and kept her stupid mouth closed. If only she had learned this lesson long before, then she wouldn’t be in the predicament she was now in. Len-6 realized that it was up to him to be the teacher and educate this stupid female. He would begin instruction immediately. He remembered how his father had mistreated his mother. How she had in turn slapped and spanked him, continuously, as a child. His mother had beaten and kicked him. She had locked him in his empty room often, and he had been horrified. But he had grown up to be disciplined. So it was time to pass it on. Len-6 always wore good heavy steel toed boots, and he knew that his kicks were destroying the female’s will to argue. The black and blue bruises really began to appear on her face and head, and he knew that HE was finally winning. “Do exactly what I say and the pain will stop”, he told her. “You can’t make me do anything, ” she whimpered. But he kicked her head for a final fourth time, and she lost all consciousness. Len-6 took out his knife and cut away all of her clothes. She still had a good body, and he really wanted to have her again, but he would wait for much later. He tied her hands and feet behind her, and then got out a pail and dumped water on her face. The liquid splashed on her eyes, mouth, ears, and hair, and it brought her to. “Len! No! Stop!” she kept begging him. And she struggled to get up, only to find herself securely bound. Now she really began to panic, and her eyes were wild with real fear. Len-6 took out his blade again. The one he had so carefully sharpened for this kind of use. And he began to give the female a haircut. She made no sound or struggle, but she began to cry and weep as he cut and carved all the long hair from her head. Then she was totally bald! “That is the top. Now the bottom, bitch!” Len told her. He ran his knife over her triangle hair, and dug it in to begin scraping away the pubic mound from between her thighs. She felt the pain as the knife edge also cut into her skin, but she now knew better than to say anything. Instead she just kept crying and sobbing, and finally her entire body was shaved clean. “That is much better. Every female should be shaved!” Len-6 exclaimed. Her breasts were full and well rounded, and her bottom was curved and nicely shaped. Her head and pubes were now both bald, and she really looked like something quite exotic. Len-6 knew that he was going to have to sample this piece of pubic pie. He gazed down at her tearful face. “Enjoy it, bitch!” he ordered her. He knew that he had now conditioned her to please him. She made no resistance to his dominant and forceful intentions. She could not. Then he got up to rest for awhile, at least until the next phase. “I am not finished with you yet, bitch, ” he informed her. He pushed her over with his boot, and she was then kneeling face down with her lovely cheeks high up in the air. Len-6 undid his belt, the big black leather one, that he always wore. He began to run it up and down her ever so vulnerable bod. She wanted to cry out to make him not hurt her anymore, but she knew better. Len reminded her why. “No pain no gain, bitch!” he said. And Len-6 brought the belt strap down as fast and furious as he could on her naked form. She screamed out in fear and agony as he walloped her again and again. She tried to crawl away, but he kicked her back and into com complete submission to her fate. Her nude body became a mass of terrible cuts and welts from his belt hits, and soon after she collapsed to lay there in searing pain and agony. “One last thing, bitch!” he told her. And he kicked her up into the air again with his heavy combat boots. His insanity dominated and controlled her com completely, and she felt his furious anger and power all the way into her soul. But he knew that this still was not enough. She squirmed and cried out as Len-6 caressed her wounds. She had never been so badly mistreated like this before. Len-6 knew this. “I saved the best for last, bitch!” he let her know. The other females he’d had to put up with had never given him anything real before, and now it was time for him to claim his just desserts. This female was now altercated, and well worth the effort. It was perfect! “I am done, bitch. At least for now....” he said. Len-6 got up and unlocked the door, leaving her all alone and still bound. He could hear her whimpering and sobbing as he shut off the lights, and closed and locked the door behind him. He had also shut off the heat, and he knew that soon the cunt would also get to feel the damp cold that she had always shown him. He had paid her back for divorcing him. “You goddamned stupid bitch!” He felt much better and more sure of himself than he had in a long, long while. Len-6 went down the hall to the next room, unlocked the door, and went in. This was the room where he kept his current wife, the one who was also going to leave him. “Strip!” he ordered her. But she refused and tried to hit him. He was ready for this kind of thing, and he grabbed her wrists and began to kick her. He smashed her head with his dominant fists, and booted the female as she fell down. He tied her hands behind her back, and once again got out his sharp blade. Len-6 began to cut away the female’s clothes, until she too was com completely naked. He tied her down to hooks he’d fastened into the flooring, and she was then securely fastened herself. Len-6 decided to do some sculpturing, and he ran the knife blade along her smooth white skin. She cried out and began to weep as the blade edge cut into her skin. She was soon covered with trails of thin red blood lines. He didn’t cut deep. No, he just wanted decorations. Len-6 made lovely little patterns all over his wife. And soon she was totally red lined. “You look real nice, wife!” he complimented her. She tried to get up and get away from him, but his metal toed boots found their mark. He kicked her all over until she was totally smashed back down. After awhile she stopped moving, and Len was done with her. He left her in a dark room with the heat turned off. It was a perfect pattern. Len-6 went to the next room where his mistress was waiting for him. She was warmer and friendlier than the others, but this was only because she wanted even more money out of him. He was going to teach her a lesson too. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down to kneel before him. “Come on, bitch, gimme’ some skull!” he told her. This female was more obedient and didn’t require as much of the new behavioral reconditioning that the other ones did. But this time she resisted him. Len-6 now knew exactly what to do. He pounded his fists into her face, and then stomped her head with his heavy combat boots. She screamed and swore at him, but he kept it up until she totally shut up. “Try again, bitch!” he told her. This time she was way more willing to please and satisfy him. She really wanted to do his bidding, and she once again remained obedient and submissive before him. But he still grabbed her hair again and pulled her down on the floor. Her eyes were wide with fear at his new fury as he totally dominated her with his evil. He then caressed her, and she relaxed a little and began to believe that he cared for her. Len-6 knew that she would. She was always gullible. That is why he kept her. But she still angered him with her demands for more and more money. He had to do something about this, he remembered. Len-6 decided to simply enjoy this one, and he continued to caress her. Then he got up to relax and rest, and she started to get up to join him. He decided that she needed to remain on the floor. “Stay down, bitch!” he ordered. And he kicked her again. This time she remained on the floor, but he still could not be too sure that she would merely stay there. So he also tied her feet behind her, and then took another cord to hang her up from the ceiling hooks. She was suspended just a little ways up off of the flooring, and she was going to remain that way. Len-6 left, just as before, with the lights out and the heat off. The women were going to be left to fend for themselves. They could each dwell on their injuries, pain, punishments, and all in the cold darkness of each of their rooms. This was the way it was going to be for them. He then went to the room that his two step- daughters shared. He had saved the best for last. If the others had been his main meal, these two young ones were going to be his just desserts. He deserved them. Both of them. He was going to really have a good time with them now. Both of them. They were his to enjoy. And he was really going to enjoy them! He unlocked the door and went in, closing and locking the door behind him. They wanted to know what he was up to, and he told them. “I am up to you two!” he exclaimed. He went to them and gently began to caress their lovely soft clean hair. They were young and really cute together. The older one was almost 20, and the younger one had just turned 18 and fully ripening into an awesome achievement. He continued to smile and gently touch them. He decided to be gentle with them. Neither of them had ever really given him any of the garbage and grief that the older females had. “I want to have a good time with you two. But I will not tolerate any disobedience. You are both to do exactly as I say. I promise you that it will be fun and enjoyable, ” he told them. Len decided that he would have to be firm but fair with the two children. “Remove all of your clothing, and display yourselves for me, ” he said. They each hesitated a little at first, but he smiled and nodded approvingly at them. And they both began to comply. Off came their gowns, and he admired their undergarments. They then removed these, and giggled as they stood there before him. Len could see their beautiful breasts Fully ripened to form, and their lush and exquisite pubic mound triangles. The females were each still virgins, though the older one was thinking of losing hers to a new boyfriend in a higher level at the academy. They were both embarrassed, and they asked their step-father if he liked what he saw. “I like what I see very much, ” he assured them. And he continued to gently caress them. The two females, at his instruction, had to hug and hold each other. He ran his hands and fingers down along their soft and newly developed bodies. Then Len-6 really got going with them. And, totally terrified, they both obeyed him. “Excellent job, you two! I’m very proud of both of you, ” he told them. Then he decided that it was time for the final phases with them. The females both wanted to please him. They adored him. They were his step-daughters, but now thy were both ashamed and very, very frightened. This older and authority figure male should not be behaving like this, they realized. “This is perfect, young ones, ” he said to them And he continued to talk softly to them while caressing their faces. He looked down at them and smiled at them. Len-6 was gentle and patient, and he gave the young females some time to adjust to his insanity. Then both females were controlled properly, and both of them were dominated and possessed as he had needed to do with them. “I want to thank each of you for pleasing me so well, ” he said to them. “Now we have one final game to play together tonight.” He got out the last of his cords, and he tied them both spread eagled to the four posters of each of their beds. He tied them tightly and securely, and he made sure that neither of them could get loose. He got up and left, but this time he left the lights and heat on in their room. Even though terrified, they had each willingly and eagerly pleased him. And he wanted to repay them with such comforts. So he did. Len-6 locked the door behind him and went to his own room. He unlocked it, and he went in to emerge again with his already packed suitcases and bags of things. He carried everything out to his shuttle and loaded it up. He then maneuvered it to the end of the landing pad and parked it there. He went back to the hanger garage and unlocked it to go inside. When he came back out he had with him two large containers of the illegal old style combustible fuel. These he opened and began to pour it all inside and outside the unit. When these were emptied, he got two more and poured the fuel onto walls and floors of other rooms. Finally the last of the containers were emptied, and he went back to his shuttle. Next to the front seat he had his favorite toy: his flare phaser. He loaded it and fired one, then two, then three hot blasts onto the unit. The shots ignited the fuel spills, which then burst up into intense flames. And soon the whole dwelling place was ablaze! Len-6 watched for awhile, and then he sped away. After going for a short distance he looked back to see the distant glow of his home fire way behind him. It burned all night long and consumed everything and everyone in it. Len-6's legacy to his females was to put them all out of their misery. The two young females were included so as to not have to be orphaned or corrupted by their mother, as she was going to do to them. He was sorry that he had to include them, but there really had been no other way. He shuttled away and all night long, until he got out of province to where he’d be safe. He got a nice tavern room, and he stayed in it for the rest of the day and all that night. After such an ordeal he needed lots of rest. He showered and shaved, and he got several good meals. He slept soundly and peacefully, knowing that never again would he ever have to be troubled by those females he’d been messed about by. Len-6 was a free male then, and safe and secure in his new personal style. He had a few other such adventures, especially with females. But he did not take any nonsense from any of them. He had taught them all an invaluable lesson, and he had gotten rid of all of his personal pains. Len-6 was a total male again, and all because he had decided to finally do something about it. From then on he was only with females he could dominate, control, and really enjoy mistreating. He never put up with any of their grief, and he always kept all of them under his powerful rule. Len-6, in his thinking, was thus a REAL humanoid male! There is no doubt that he would have continued to reminisce about his past achievements and accomplishments. He would certainly have continued to feel proud of his actions. But the lethal injection was administered, as the trial outcome had warranted, after his arrest and extradition, according to the judicial laws of The New Order of The Imperium. And he lost all consciousness, forever.

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